Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, the weather in oHIo pulled a total fakeout on us oHIoans. It was 60 degrees and sunny for a few days a while back, but lately, it's been cloudy and/or bitter cold. Too cold for this chicken to go outside for more than 20 minutes to take photos.

At least, that is my excuse for this post.

I've been GIMPed. I can now do cool things like this

I've Always Wanted to Do This

Granted, it's an old point-and-shoot photograph that is a little underexposed, and the composition isn't the best, but I had fun coloring in apples and my niece Alexis. (Check out the butt-shaped apple in my mom's hand. Totally Rad.) And I would have totally done this with one of my doggy pictures, but my dogs are black (and white) already, so adding color wouldn't make a lick of difference.

GIMP does, however, make these kinds of differences


Yay GIMP Before


Yay GIMP After

And, in my lone venture outside with the little ruffians, I did manage to get this shot

Stella Has a Zero Degree Turn Radius. Who Knew?

You can get GIMPed, too, if you are interested in an application that acts a bit like photoshop but is about $400 cheaper (that is, free).

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Valerie said...

Thank you for your kind words (on my blog).
As always, I continue to find joy in dogs - and now, more than ever, I enjoy the pictures and antics of Stella & Rufus. The other blog links are fun, too.