Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portrait Time!



What you mean, Lady?


I mean get your cute little tooshies over here so I can take your pictures.

Okay. We're here. Now give us food.

Mom, He's On My Side

Who is going to volunteer to go first?

I guess I will.

Back Off, Brotha!

Because Rufus is a Loser with a Capital L.

La la la la la

Hey! Be nice, Stell.

Okay, now hold still.

Did Someone Say Food?

Done, Lady. Now give me food.

They're Right There. I Can See Them.

It's right there. I can see it.

I See the Treats

Seriously, Lady. Give. Me. Food.

Seriously, Lady. Give Me Some.

Listen, Stella, if you're going to be all greedy about this, I'll move on to Rufus.

I like sniffing chairs.

I Like Chair

I want food, too.

See? There's Food Right There

I'm bored.

This Is Getting Boring, Lady. Give Me Food.

You suck, Mom. We quit.

Hey! What's the Big Idea

Portrait Session is over, I guess.


Valerie said...

Hi there! I came across you VERY entertaining blog, while looking to see what fellow Newarkites had to say. I think I have fallen in love with your puppies - and love the stories "they" tell.
My dog is very old, and I miss the days when she would play this fun. Thank you for sharing....I'll be back.


Lois Lane/Laney said...

I could look at picks of Stella all day!