When I was pregnant, people loved to tell me that after the baby was born, I would wonder what I did with all of my free time.


I loved free time (not as much as I love my bubs, but free time is up there). I now craft, write, blog, etc. while Hayden is either napping or in bed for the night. With so little precious free time, my crafts now have to be short. I also don't have time to start/stop/clean up/get everything back out/start again, etc. I try to get everything done in one big shebang.

Since blogger is on the low end of bloggy awesomeness, my links to crafty blog posts are below in reverse chronological order.

DIY Quotes Canvases (2 hrs/canvas) - Canvases with quotes on them where the letters are straight :)

Salt dough ornaments (a few weeks, but about 1 hour total) - Almost a fail, but it works. This will be fun when Bubby is a little older and can make his own.

Easy-tie wreath (2 hrs) - I loved all of the wreaths like this I saw on pinterest, but never saw any helpful instructions. I improvised and made my own. Problem solved.

Coat rack and picture frame entryway - sorry, no instructions for these, but this is from my early blogging days and I didn't think to take pictures.

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