Thursday, February 19, 2009

Woe is my dog

A chronicle of Stella injuries and surgeries in the 1 yr 4 mos that she has owned us.

For those faint of heart and squeamish of doggie owies, you may not want to scroll down...

This was when we learned Stella had skin like a cats (at least that's what our vet said)...and nine lives. Basically, her skin bubbles up and sloughs off, so she has no skin at all sometimes (I know cats don't get this, but dogs aren't supposed to have cat-like skin). They can't staple this shut because the skin is just gone. This is mid-healing-process.

Stella Injury 1/>

This was when Stella had *Canine Cosmetic Surgery* aka Botox for her eyes (translate:entropian surgery) and a nose job (translate:nostrils widened so she didn't foam at the nose on walks and snore like a freight train anymore). Le sigh.

Stella Injury 2

This was when we let Stella outside to pee and she came back with both of her eyebrows split open and a gash on her nose. At midnight no less.

See, I steek my tongue out at you, you foolish person!

Stella Injury 3a

It was a bit bloody even after stitches.

Stella Injury 3b

Shar peis are supposed to be expensive dogs to get from breeders (bad idea anyway)...we got ours from the pound for $65. She ended up costing many dollars anyway in medical bills. It's a good thing we love you, Stellabutt.

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Sue said...

If there is one real truth it's there's no such thing as a free dog.