Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Walk In the Woods

Just running through a typical walk for the doggies and me.

Rufus always hits the ground running.

Come on, lady, time's a-waistin'!

Come On, Lady, Time's A-Waistin'

And Stella gets truckin' as soon as she's peed on the signs by the path.

*Singing: Hum-de-hum*

Trucking Along Humdehum

She also insists on snuffling every leaf, clump of grass and rock along the path...just in case some other dog has peed there first.

Gotta snuffle everything

Gotta Snuffle Everything

Snuffle, snuffle

Snuffling Stella

Oops! Almost forgot to snuffle that rock

Oops! Almost Forgot to Snuffle That Rock

Hey! I'm not done snuffling!

Snuffles Snuffles Everywhere

Rufus likes to find other dogs' brown rocks and eat them. Lucky for you, I spared you the graphic photos and am substituting Rufus eating a stick instead.

I like sticks.

I Like Sticks

Nom nom nom. Tasty.

Mmmmm, Tasty

You want some? It's reeeealllly good

You Want Some? It's Reeeeally Good

We usually stop by the railroad tracks for a few photos.

What do you mean "sit"? I don't do "sit" on rocks. I snuffle them.

Stella on the Tracks

I like my walksies on the pathies

I Like My Walksies on the Pathies

See? It's right over there

See? The Path Is Right Over There

Come on, let's go.

Come On, Mom, Let's Go

Right across from the railroad tracks is a path to a farmer's field that we kind of hang out in sometimes.

Gotta snuffle the field, too. You know, just in case.

Suffling in the Field

I'm a workin' dog, can't you tell?

I'm A Workin' Dog Can't You Tell?

(Pshaw! Rufus, you are NOT a working dog. You march to the beat of your own drummer, and that drummer looks nothing like a human)

I can't figure out what Stella's doing in this picture, but Rufus is ready to go!

Don't Really Know What Stella's Doing

And I leave you, friends, with the lovely view I get all during walksies. Enjoy!

The Lovely View I Get On Walksies


annmaree said...

love the snuffles!

Paws on the Run said...

I gotta tell ya... I'm so in love with Rufus.