Friday, April 24, 2009

Fantastic Fridays

Today is absolutely Gorgeous with a capital "G"--the sun is out, the wind is keeping it breezy, not a cloud in the sky! We went outside to work on my Flickr 52 Weeks For Dogs Challenge, which was to capture one of Stella's smiles, a near impossible feat sometimes. She always looks so serious.

Rufus, OTOH, loves to smile, especially after a tasty snack of grass clippings.

Oh, hai!

Grass. Mmmmm. Tasty.

Ooooh this ball tastes so good.

Oooooh This Ball Tastes So Good

Ever since Rufus got, er, snippered, he's been obsessed with balls. It's the only thing he fetches consistently. I caught him thinking wishfully about balls.

Oh, balls. I missez you.


bwah hahaha! That makes me laugh!


He's lost his family jewels...priceless!

Nah, What's Up, Doc?

To get a real StellaSmile, I bringded out da COOKIEZ!


Uh, Rufus, I think you forgot something. (note the ball in background)

You bringded out da COOKIEZ, lady! Here I come!!!

Rufus, Uh, I Think You Forgot Something

I can haz cookiez?

I Can Haz Cookiez?



Then I got the Cookiez Stare Of Death until I relented and gave her what she wanted.

Gimme Cookiez Now!'s so LITTLE!

This Cookie...Yeah...Not Big Enough

She eated her cookiez anyway, and got all old-person-missing-her-dentures on me.

Stella Can Haz Old People Lips

Hey, Stella, did you leave any for me?

Rufus Scouting Out Leftovers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Up Close & Personal

This week was a bit hectic for me. I was a wee bit sick at the beginning of it, ants laid siege to my kitchen in the middle of it (shudder), and I'm pumped to do landscaping at the end of it. And now, for the dogs.

Rufus tried to help me get rid of the ants this week by sniffing them to death. Not so great for his sinuses.

Kisses For His Nose

Did I get one stuck up there, mom? Can you see it?

Silly Roo

And if Rufus gets a booger check, Stella wants one, too.

Lil Miss Chubby Nose (Week 16/52)

Rufus has requested that I show you his picture of his rollover. He is quite proud of it, and an exuberant roller-over-er. In fact, he usually does the first half of his rollover in midair as he is throwing himself down onto the ground.

Rufus: Upside Down

Yay for sunshine finally :)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Easter, Watch Out For Posers!

They can be very sneakyz lying in the grass and all, ready to pounce.

Mom, You Can't Be Serious. (Week 15/52)

They will steal your Easter eggz and your groovy little yellow Easter bucket and say it's theirs.

Is That Him? think this basket is YOURS? Psh! I dare you to try to come over here and take it. Just try.

Sniffin' Out the Real Easter Bunny

So this Easter, make sure your Easter bunny is real.

Watch Out For Posers

I leave you with a rose from Andykins. (And it wasn't even from messing up!)

Roses From My Andy

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pretty Little Angel Eyes

This entry was semi-inspired by Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey's blog.


Authentically Real

After I auto corrected white balance & increased the levels.


After I duplicated the layer, desaturated new layer, added layer mask (white), and painted Stella's eye black.

Brown-Eyed Girl

After I added a filter (artistic->softglow)


I put the coolest one first, because I'm still trying to get the second set right. This second image was also shot from the hip.


Original Angel Eyes

After I desaturated the image, added a new (transparent) layer, and painted Stella's eye blue with a round brush. I also changed the layer settings to "burn."

Pretty Little Angel Eyes

I highly recommend GIMP. It rocks. Yeah.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sticky Situation

Every day, I learn something about my dogs. Today, it was the extent to which Rufus LOVES sticks.



Sticks give Rufus super-hero-flying powers.

Stick Awesomeness

Sticks make Rufus look like he is high (on life, of course).

Stick=Catnip For Rufus

Dun dun dun...


You lookin at my stick?

Back Off, Lady! My Stick!

It's mine. Go get your own (so I can steal it from you)

Don't You Be Lookin At My Stick

I said "my stick!"

Meanest Hug Ever
(Rufus, I do not condone violence.)

This week's 52 Weeks For Dogs Challenge on Flickr was to shoot from the hip. It was a blast, I tell you! You should definitely try it sometime.

From the Hip

And as always, Stella gives me the best come-on-lady-are-you-serious expressions ever.

*Sigh* My Love

You want to see my sexy face? Do I get a stick?

Rufus Sexy Face

And now, for a little shameless self-promotion. I started a new blog because I felt like I was imposing on Stella&Roo's space by putting up wedding pictures. This is my StellaStar Photography blog where I will post non-doggy picturage from now on. With captions, of course.

In other news, Rufus has officially learned "roll over" and "high five." Roofy, you do mommy proud.

Ps. Does anyone know if dogs should not eat sticks? I'm thinking that some trees are probably poisonous to dogs, and I'm almost positive I caught Roo actually eating the stick. I can teach him not to eat the stick, if it's bad for him...